Fundación Códigos reiterates it´s call to respect the planet in view of the latest waves of catastrophes around the world

Mar 14, 2011Releases

The natural disasters that have occurred during recent weeks show that catastrophes are becoming more and more frequent and with greater intensity, just as the researcher Luis Seguessa, President of “Fundación Códigos” has been predicting since January 2008 at various international conferences. A month ago, on February 9, 2011, in a conference held at the AWA Hotel in Punta del Este and broadcast live online, Luis Seguessa announced that a series of tremors, earthquakes and the danger of tsunamis would begin.

"We are on the verge of an earthquake chain and a tsunami," he emphasized.

Seguessa on that occasion predicted before the watchful eyes of the attendees and online viewers that a series of earthquakes would begin shortly and that there was a danger of a tsunami. Within a few days, earthquakes began in New Zealand, followed by Chile, China, and later Japan.  

“Fundación Códigos” has been consistent in announcing that these events were going to happen and moreover it predicted the break-up of the Wilkins ice shelf exactly as documented at the time by various Argentine and Uruguayan press media. It also predicted that dangerous methane escapes in the Arctic would begin and, sure enough, these started occurring in 2009 and 2011.

“If we do not stop with the destructive technology of internal combustion engines and the immense extraction of oil, the planet will soon be shattered, ”said the specialist. “A series of earthquakes are about to begin in different places, as it happened a year ago, due to the large hollows that the oil industry makes to extract black gold. It is about several cubic hectares per day and the continuous force of gravity tries to rearrange the plates causing tremors in their conjunctions. If we do not replace this obsolete transportation technology with clean technology such as electricity, natural disasters will follow with greater frequency and intensity. Time is running out, cataclysms will continue to increase and the planet and the entire ecosystem will not be able to support it. We cannot continue to consume so much oxygen with the combustion engines of our vehicles, we cannot continue emitting tons of sulfur per year into the atmosphere and we cannot continue to extract a liquid that is at high pressure as if we were extracting water because this is what causes all the imbalance of the planet ”, affirmed Seguessa.

It must be taken into account that the air consumption of an engine is equal to the air consumed by 700 people at the same time. In addition, the extraction of millions of gallons of oil a day to power an automotive fleet of more than 800 million units is leaving huge holes and hollows all over the planet causing earthquakes and tsunamis as the tectonic plates constantly try to rearrange themselves by the constant force of gravity, as the specialist pointed out.

Fundación Códigos presents the electric car as the only solution at the moment since it does not emit gases or consume oxygen and has better performance than conventional cars, and that is why it invites people who are concerned about the issue to be part of its Zero Combustion global campaign.