Fundación Códigos

"Our children and grandchildren have the right to live in a world like the one we received"

Luis Seguessa, Researcher and President of Fundación Códigos

Fundacion Codigos is a non-profit organization that was born in the city of Punta del Este, Uruguay, at the initiative of researcher Luis Seguessa and a group of professionals in order to inform of the main causes of climate change and the possible solutions.

Luis Seguessa has more than 30 years of study on the causes and consequences of climatic phenomena having carried out numerous investigations on the ozone layer, the magnetosphere, the melting of the poles, methane hydrate, etc., all within the fields of study of physics and mechanical engineering.

On January 15, 2008, Seguessa began in São Paulo, Brazil, with a series of international conferences in order to raise awareness among humans about the serious problems that afflict us, and get more people from all continents to join this initiative in favor of a technological and conscientious change.

Since 2010, Fundación Códigos has had a TV space on the VTV Internacional and a radio program that is broadcast today on 229 stations in 16 countries.

The name Fundación Códigos is rooted in the word ‘codes.’ All ecosystems are organized by ‘codes’ that, when faithfully honored, allow perfect order in nature.

We are convinced that we must respect these codes so that a harmonious relationship between living beings is possible. As rational people who belong to a world ecosystem, we must pay attention to our role and do everything we can to keep that original order intact.


Our mission is to ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to live in harmony with all living things that inhabit the world’s ecosystem. Our success will be defined by our ability to halt the destruction that human activity has imposed on our planet and by our progress in restoring earth’s ecological balance. 

Through our climate impact research, our dissemination of findings, our educational programs and our calls to action, we hope to inspire a global consciousness of the need to come together to address climate change.

We also hope that our efforts will lead to practical solutions and technological advancements that will honor the codes that nature has had in place for millions of years to keep earth’s natural systems in balance.


Commitment: We are steadfast in our commitment to respect and preserve life in all its natural forms.

Love: We believe that those who truly understand the essence of love will never impose harm on others, including natural members of our global ecosystem.

Faith: We have a profound belief in the Creator, and because of our faith, we feel a duty to protect his work.

Cooperation: Our mission can only be achieved by working together to achieve solutions that are forged through global cooperation.

Códigos: Our work is fundamentally based on our ethical respect for nature’s majesty.

Our Objectives

  • Warning about the main causes of climate change.
  • Warning about oxygen as a vital and FINITE resource.
  • Create a rapid awareness of effective ecology.
  • Spread the message around the world as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • Show the solution to stop climate change.
  • Increase the green areas of the planet.
  • Promote the production of Zero Combustion engines.
  • Fight for the right to live in a better world – now and for generations to come.