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Something’s not right on the planet and the earth is giving us signals. There are more and more cataclysms in the world. Would you be interested to know why they occur and how we can stop them?

Humanity needs information and a greater openness of consciousness. The researcher Luis Seguessa shows us in a shocking exhibition everything that is happening in the world.

The conference is unique in its kind, very didactic and agile, combining photos, videos and very deep and exact knowledge with an unprecedented common thread about life on the planet, its imbalances and solutions.

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Among the topics to be discussed will be


Cause of tsunamis


The weakening of the ozone layer


The reasons of volcanic eruptions


Main cause of climate change


The importance of oxygen


Where is the inner fire of the earth?


What is happening to the poles?


Oxygen deserts in the sea?


Why does the earth shake?


Scientific description of a possible end of this world scenario as we know it

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Luis Seguessa:

The researcher Luis Seguessa is the Founder and President of Fundación Códigos and has more than 30 years of scientific studies on climatic phenomena, having carried out numerous investigations on mechanical engineering, the ozone layer, the melting of the poles, the hydrate of methane, the magnetosphere and thermo-electromagnetic energy.

In 2008, Luis Seguessa presented five theories to the world on the global problem of Climate Change. Columbia University, John Hopkins University, Michigan and the Seismological Society of the USA came to some of the same conclusions.

The researcher has warned of several natural disasters that later occurred, such as methane leaks in the Arctic, the two ruptures of the Wilkins plate, the tsunami in Japan and the earthquake in Italy on May 20.

He also discovered the cause of the mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

Since 2008, he has been giving conferences around the world with a large number of participants and transmitting his knowledge through different medias.

His television show was broadcast for five years on VTV International and his radio program has been on the air for seven years, currently broadcasting on 222 AM and FM radios and 5 on the Internet in 16 countries.

Fundación Códigos

The Codes Foundation is a non-profit NGO whose mission is to investigate, inform and spread globally the main cause of climate change and its solution, promoting research and technological advances, environmental education and a change of consciousness in the world.