The Arctic is disappearing, the prelude to the end.

Sep 4, 2008Releases

«El derretimiento en el Artico esta provocando el escape a gran escala del gas de metano, que aumenta el recalentamiento global y que además es  un gas explosivo.

Punta del Este, Uruguay, September 4, 2008 - Researcher Luis Seguessa alerted world authorities to the ever-closer consequences of an unprecedented catastrophe in the planet's climate due to excessive oxygen consumption by the MCI.

After the last predictions of the studious Uruguayan about the Wilkins plate came true, Seguessa has once again called the attention of international authorities to the problems caused over the excessive consumption of oxygen by internal combustion engines and predicts that between the months of September and October of this year there will be worse landslides in the Arctic than have been seen so far.

"The disappearance of the Arctic is the prelude to the end", says the Researcher "since the large amounts of methane found there in the form of hydrate will escape, and cause even more overheating and eventually uncontrollable explosions for humanity”

It is very established in people’s minds and the scientific world in general that it is the gas emissions that cause global warming; because that is the visible part of the matter, however we insist that while this is true, the main cause for the ozone layer depletion is oxygen consumption,and that is why oxygen deserts have already been found in the sea,” said the specialist, Head of Fundación Códigos with base in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

As described, internal combustion engines (ICM) that power automobiles and other means of transportation use a large amount of oxygen to function. “A vehicle consumes on average between 50 and 100 liters of air per second. Taking into account the current automotive population (560 million units), there are 20,000 million liters of air that are consumed per second on the planet that are returned to the atmosphere half-burned and in an explosive form.

Twenty percent of this (four billion liters per second) is pure oxygen that is taken from the ozone layer. The figure is so large that neither the green nor the marine platform has time to replace this loss”, said the specialist.

If the ozone layer, which is our natural oxygen reserve due to massive consumption by ICMs, continues to weaken, the methane will escape causing the gases that are half-combusted compressed in the atmosphere to become even more volatile and the power of the sun could ignite them”.

Therefore, Seguessa argues that it is necessary to change the technology that propels the means of transport to avoid "not only the unfortunate losses and cataclysms of the planet", but also that "the last prophecy that is written in the Bible (see references the below).

He also warned that in the future the sun may reach its maximum released energy point (see attached NASA graph), and that this can ignite the compressed sulfur in the atmosphere if the ozone layer continues to weaken, which according to the Researcher would coincide with Biblical prophecies, Mayan prophecies and the Secret Code.

Therefore, he urged governments and users to take action on the matter. “The technology to reverse this situation already exists, we have had it for decades, it is only necessary to change the propulsion engine, not the vehicles. Users should have an ecological option within our reach. The solution is in ourselves. Our children and grandchildren have the right to receive a world like the one we had" he concluded.

Luis Seguessa had already announced on April 8, 2008 to the media that in the month of May there would be a detachment of the Wilkins Plate. And, as he explained, on the 30th and 31st of that month, a rupture of 160 square kilometers of said plate was observed, a situation that affected the ecosystem that inhabits it.


2 Peter's Letter 3.10 «Pero el día del Señor vendrá como ladrón en la noche; en el cual los cielos pasarán con grande estruendo, y los elementos ardiendo serán deshechos, y la tierra y las obras que en ella hay serán quemadas».

Isaias 1.31 «Y el fuerte será como estopa, y lo que hizo como centella; y ambos serán encendidos juntamente, y no habrá quien apague».