Uruguayan researcher discovers the true cause of the climate change

May 12, 2008Prensa

The Financial Express India
Posted: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 0948 hrs IST
Uruguay, May 12: —- The Uruguayan researcher Luis Seguessa recently stated in press conferences held in Latin America, that the internal combustion engine is the chief culprit for the degradation of the ozone layer, global warming and climate change, not so much for the gas emissions into the atmosphere as for the huge amount of oxygen they consume.»A vehicle consumes an average of between 50 and 100 liters of air per second and, taking into account the current car-driving population, that represents 20,000 million liters of air which are consumed per second on the planet and which are returned to the atmosphere half burnt and in explosive form. Twenty percent of this air is pure oxygen which is taken from the ozone layer. The figure is so big that it does not give vegetation time to replace this loss,» stated Luis Seguessa.»The ozone layer is not just an oxygen reserve, but also a natural covering which protects the earth from the intense cold of outer space and the power of the sun. As we lose it, we are experiencing sharp temperature changes during the day and this will become more common,» he indicated. «Moreover, without an ozone layer, nature gets out of balance and that is why we experience serious climatic problems, such as flooding, droughts, tsunamis, and the thawing of the polar ice caps.»Likewise, Seguessa maintained that «the speed at which the ozone layer is being lost is occurring with geometric not arithmetic progression as was thought, and in a very short time the great natural source of oxygen supply on the planet, which the ozone layer is, will be used up.»He highlighted the importance of automotive companies replacing internal combustion engines with electric motors or other ecologically sound technologies which do not consume air, and every human being (children, adults and the elderly) committing themselves to plant at least seven trees to increase the volume of oxygen in the atmosphere.Luis Seguessa, who has been studying climatic phenomena for over 20 years and who is leader and founder of the Fundación Códigos (www.fundacioncodigos.org) based in Punta del Este, Uruguay, concluded: «Our children and grandchildren have the right to inherit a world like the one we received.»